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Testing Dates, College Admissions Visits, and Events

If you have an immediate need or questions, please email Mrs. McCarthy


Seniors: January Application Deadlines, Financial Aid, and CPR certification

Seniors, You must apply to and be accepted at least one 4 year school to graduate. Also, keep an eye on your target schools' due date for Financial Aid applications. Though the state due date for FAFSA submission is not until January, many schools' deadline for financial aid applications is much earlier. Go ahead and complete your CPR training if you have not already done so. Instructions have been sent multiple times in Jupiter.

You have received an invitation to Going Merry, which is a platform for scholarship searches that includes a User Interface that simplifies FAFSA form completion.


Juniors - High Stakes Test Prep Strategy

Juniors' goal for December was to begin building their college list in Naviance. January is the month for Juniors to evaluate the test scores they have in hand (practice ACT, ACT, PSAT, and/or SAT) and decide which high stakes test scores they will use for college applications. See the Test Practice and Test Prep section, below. Also, Juniors have been invited to Going Merry, a scholarship search/FAFSA platform.


Test Practice and Test Prep

Juniors & Sophomores - After you have taken both the ACT and the SAT, decide which test fits you best then focus your test-prep efforts on that test. Practice tests for CLT, ACT, and SAT can also be found online.

Test preparation can take the form of a multi-week course, online tutorials, or customized one-on-one tutoring. A multi-week course from More than a Teacher covers overall test taking strategies, content review, and tips for both the Evidence-based Reading and Writing section and the Math section. Free online tutorials (Khan Academy and Kaplan) can be linked to your testing account and lessons can be customized to your needs based on your test results. Huntington Academy will assess your test scores and create a private tutoring plan for you.


College Q & A with Faculty & Staff

This semester our Faculty and Staff members are sharing their college and career experiences with students during Lunch and Study Hall. All College Rep and Faculty/Staff Q&A events are listed on the College Counseling calendar on this page.


PSAT Scores

College Board did not provide schools with paper copies of PSAT scores this year. To access your PSAT score report, go to and log in to your student account. You will need to create an account if you have not already done so. This account will also be used to register for SAT administrations and score reports.


College Admission Planning Series

February 4 - Application Specifics and the Senior Year Formerly known as Junior Parent Night, junior parents & students are requested to attend a presentation on senior year traditions and the role of rising seniors and their families in continuing these traditions. Also, Kendall Guess will present the specifics of College Applications. This presentation will include timelines, what type of application to use, and what happens after you hit “submit”. This presentation is for Juniors and their parents.


Test Optional for 2021 & 2022

Each school's test-optional policy is different. You have to visit each school's website to access its test-optional policy. The general rule of thumb is to do the research to determine whether your score (current or the one to come) is above the 50 percentile for scores that have typically been admitted to that school and major. If it is, submit it. If not, don't.


Admission Exam updates

We will hold a School Day SAT administration for Juniors only on campus on March 3, 2021. You do not need to register on the College Board website for this administration. This administration will be during the school day and is free.

Please refer to the College Transitions Calendar for all upcoming test dates. Remember that registration deadlines for exams are 3-4 weeks before the test dates. To register for tests: Go to, or


More than a Teacher SAT Prep Course

More Than a Teacher will offer an SAT test prep course beginning on January 25 and concluding just before the March 3 School Day SAT. The class will be in person and on campus. Go HERE to register.


Individual Counselor Meetings

All students, 9-12 are encouraged to pop-in to the college counseling office with questions or to make use of the reference materials on hand. I'm happy to discuss Strategies for earning college credit in high school, or whatever you may have questions about. Helping students research information about colleges and majors is the best part of Mrs. McCarthy's job! Students & parents can also request meetings via email.