Founders Classical Academy of Leander Celebrates 10 Years

Today's first day of school marked 10 years that the Founders Classical Academy of Leander family of faculty, staff, students, and parents has continued the pursuit of knowledge, virtue and liberty. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to the years ahead.
Our Headmaster, Ms. Loy, addressed students with these words of reflection and encouragement at an all-school assembly. "Today is significant, not only because it is the first day of the school year, but because this is the first day of our 10th school year. For ten years we have been gathering together, striving, seeking, finding, persevering, toward the same purpose, that of orienting our affections toward those things that are good, true, and beautiful. You are here because you chose (or your parents chose) education that will not merely prepare you to get into a good college or to get a prestigious job or to make a lot of money, but will prepare you to live a good life-a life of wisdom, courage, justice, responsibility, moderation, prudence and friendship-a happy life.
You have chosen a harder path in many ways, but a better path, a good path. Look around you at the people who are with you in this journey: not just your fellow classmates, or your family, but at our staff and your teachers, men and women who are further along on that journey-who have gained much wisdom and knowledge and have dedicated themselves to sharing that wisdom and knowledge with you."
"Students, I encourage you today and in the coming months of our 10th year to take joy in your friendships, to pursue your studies with seriousness, and to support one another in striving to do all things with excellence. Let’s make our 10th year at Founders Classical Academy of Leander our best year!"