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Job Postings

Pursuing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful Together

Founders Classical Academy seeks and employs faculty members who have a demonstrable history of excellence in an academic discipline, who convey knowledge to young people with charisma and clarity, and who practice and train students in the moral and intellectual virtues. Faculty members engage students in the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Each teacher at Founders is a professional who is esteemed and supported by a faculty of friends striving for excellence.

The Mission

The mission of Founders Classical Academy is to train the minds and improve the hearts of young men and women through a rigorous, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in good character and civic virtue.

Curriculum Overview

The Grammar School (Kindergarten-6th Grade) curriculum focuses on a solid language arts core, comprised of explicit phonics, handwriting, and grammar, as well as Singapore math and the content-rich Core Knowledge curriculum. The classroom is traditionally structured and teachers provide direct instruction.

The Upper School (7th-12th Grade) curriculum instruction focuses on clear and effective written and oral communication. Students read and discuss whole books, study primary sources, prove geometric theorems, and engage in deep scientific investigations. To graduate, all seniors must write a senior thesis and deliver and defend it orally in front of fellow students, members of the faculty, and the Headmaster.

Teacher Qualifications

Teachers are hired based upon their moral and intellectual seriousness and dedication to the craft of teaching.  All teachers must be “highly-qualified.” Certification for teachers is neither required nor preferred.

Applicants for positions in the Grammar School (Kindergarten-6th Grade) should have a broad liberal arts background. Applicants for positions in the Upper School (7th-12th Grade) should have an academic specialty  in the subject to be taught. Preference will be given to candidates with an advanced academic degree.

All teachers at Founders Classical Academy are responsible for the intellectual and moral atmosphere of the school. As such, candidates should:

  • be well-organized
  • be able to communicate professionally with families
  • exhibit intellectual curiosity
  • use precise, edifying, and moderate speech
  • contribute to a collegial faculty across the school

Living and Working in Austin, Texas

Founders Classical Academy of Leander is 25 minutes north of Austin, Texas. Austin has been ranked among the best cities in the United States for young professionals and families by a number of publications.