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Archers Council

Supporting the school and above all our talented faculty.

What is the Archers Council?


It Takes a Partnership!

The Archers Council is a stewardship organization intended to engage parents in support of the Headmaster, the faculty, and the administration in carrying out the mission of the school. Its objectives include:

  • Educating parents and the community about the school and the differences between it and ordinary public school
  • Encouraging family and friends of Founders Classical Academy of Leander to show their support through volunteering and donations

Contact Us

Looking for more information about the Archers Council? Contact us at
Any parent can join and is strongly encouraged to support this initiative.
Annual membership is $10. Click on the button above to become a member of the Archers Council.

Meeting Minutes and records are available upon request. Click here to download the Archers Council Bylaws.

Why join the Archers Council?


We need you! Just like public schools, charter schools receive state funds based on the average daily attendance of students. However, charter schools do not receive funds from local tax revenue, or, in most cases, state facilities funding. Annually, Founders receives approximately $650 less per student. With 700 students starting each school year, that is $473,000 this upcoming school year!

Funding shortfall

Charter schools like ours work to make up the difference with fundraising to help support our talented faculty, grow our fine arts and athletic programs and promote community in our many school wide events. It is important to understand that is a real condition for all charter schools and is not a circumstance of the school being poorly operated, but rather the limitations inherently placed on schools not otherwise subsidized.

In order to continue to provide this deeply intuitive and challenging education, and even the basic elective and extracurricular activities and programs readily available at typical public schools, we need your active participation through volunteering and fundraising.

As a public charter school, we do a lot with a little. The support of parents and generous members of the community is essential for our continued success. For those that are able, whether a member of the Archers Council or not, we ask that each family make a financial commitment each school year to help make up the difference. Contributions can be made all at once at our annual Write-A-Check campaign or through a monthly donation and can be directed to a preferred use.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Archers Council has an Executive Committee which includes a Chairman, Secretary, Director of Finance, the Presidents of each of the standing committees, and the Headmaster of the school. The council oversees the four standing committees -- Archers Support Committee (ASC), Archers Athletic Booster Club (AABC), Fine Arts Booster Club (FAB), and the Write-A-Check Committee (WAC).

The Archers Support Committee oversees projects and events that benefit the entire school. ASC runs several programs, including:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Book Fairs
  • Watch DOGS
  • Spirit Nights
  • Clothing Closet
  • Teacher Grants

ASC funds are raised through the annual Write-a-Check campaign, Spirit Nights, and other fundraisers.

The Archers Athletics Booster Club provides funds for:

  • student-athlete scholarships
  • athletic equipment
  • sports recognition banquets for student-athletes

AABC funds are raised through sports events concession sales, athletics spirit wear sales, spirit nights, and other fundraising events such as Clash of the Archers and the DodgeBrawl Tournament.

The Fine Arts Booster Club promotes the Fine Arts and supports faculty and students by providing:

  • scholarship aid for competitions
  • supplies for the art, music, and theater programs, including instruments, theater set components, and displays for visual art

FABC funds are raised through a variety of initiatives including theater events ticket sales, spirit wear sales, movie nights and coffee houses.

The Write-A-Check Committee oversees the annual fundraiser that supports the efforts of the Archers Council.

Every Dollar Counts!

Whether all at once during our annual Write-A-Check campaign or through a monthly donation, proceeds will go to:

  • Teacher grants and bonuses
  • Additional programs
  • Non-classroom additions to the school
  • Endowment seeding for long-term sustainability

All contributions are welcome no matter the level of commitment. Click here to set up your donation.


The annual dues go directly to cover the basic administrative costs associated with conducting business as a non-affiliate not-for-profit organization operating independently from, but in direct support of, FCA Leander. Having an engaged representation of parents is vital to seeing to it that the much needed contributions that bridge the gap of the rigorous, weekly schedules of the faculty and staff to the demanding extracurricular components of a dynamic school experience are met with a sense of equal dedication. Your membership helps make that possible.

Give a Gift

The Archers Council and the Standing Committees host fundraising events and programs throughout the year. Our Annual Write-A-Check Campaign begins in the fall each year.

You may also support the school by participating in the following vendor programs:

Please contact if you have any questions.


Volunteer your time & talent

Parent and community volunteers play an essential role at Founders Classical Academy. Whether you volunteer for just one hour or over a hundred hours, your help is essential in supporting the education of our students. Some volunteers may assist in the classroom with instructional or clerical tasks. Others may help shelve books in the library, assist during lunch, or work with the Archers Council fundraisers. Your volunteer efforts teach our children the importance of spending time in the service of a worthy cause. Visit our Volunteer Toolkit to learn more!

Archers Council News

Exciting news from the Archers Council

We would like to thank our Founders families and community for your generous support of our annual Write-A-Check Campaign. We exceeded our $100,000 goal and raised over $115,230! We are excited about the opportunities these donations will bring to our campus. Click here to watch the fun announcement for the 2020 Campaign!

The Upshot - A Quarterly Newsletter of the Archers Council

The December 2020 issue of The Upshot, the quarterly newsletter of the Archers Council, was released on December 14, 2020. This is a great way to learn about some of the work that goes on behind the scenes and to gain a better understanding of how booster clubs and committees fit into the fabric of our school. Download your copy here: The Upshot, December 2020.

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Archers Council Officers 2021-2022
  • Lawrence Davis, Chairman
  • Ben Hunsaker, Secretary
  • Michael Barba, Finance
  • Dawn Vicars, ASC President
  • Mary Walker, AABC President
  • Koby Fell, FABC President
  • Dawna Vicars, President
  • Becky Brumley, Vice President
  • Tina Edge, Secretary
  • Eric Wachsmann, Treasurer
  • Kimberly Sederburg, Events Coordinator
  • Mary Walker, President
  • Monica Goode, Vice President
  • Dena Peterson, Secretary
  • Dustin Wells, Treasurer
  • Events Coordinator is open
  • Koby Fell, President
  • Maranda Crum, Vice President
  • Karly Eichenberger, Secretary
  • Randi Culp, Treasurer
  • Robin Denio, Events Coordinator
  • Jesse Claggett, Art Liaison
  • Angie Green, Music Liaison
  • Susan King & Kim Sederburg, Theater Co-Liaisons
  • Miranda Knaack, President
  • Amy Rundell, Marketing
  • Katie Robinson, Communications 
  • Volunteer & Events Coordinator is open