Congratulations, Mrs. Johnson, our Upper School Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations, Mrs. Johnson, our Upper Scool Teacher of the Year!
This is what has been said about Mrs. Johnson:
“As a parent I have been blessed to have my child under the care of [this teacher]. She has knowledge of all things [in her department], but also has compassion and love for each student that keeps her coming back day after day with fresh energy and amazing patience. She is up all night working on legal paperwork (with deadlines), after regularly staying (very) late at school to help her students with specific needs they have. Her classes are engaging and understandable, and she teaches with a passion that is truly inspiring for her students. She somehow balances Sped leadership, lesson planning, resource classes, extensive paperwork, lengthy meetings, parent communications, student medical/emotional needs, and one-on-one time with kids and teachers. [She]builds community with students and staff, which shows in the affection they have for her. She makes each student feel they are important and valued. She is one of the cornerstones of our school and makes life at school much better for so many of us.”
"This teacher works harder and smarter (often to the detriment of her sleep and ability to eat lunch) than any other teacher I’ve worked with this year. She’s always available to answer questions and brainstorm and no one cares as much about her student’s success as she does. She deserves all the accolades that are possible!"
Congratulations, Mrs. Johnson! And congratulations to all of our teachers for all that they have accomplished this year.