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May 2021

FCA Leander newsletter for enrolled families.

Information is updated weekly.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

The Archers Support Committee is hosting one more lunch for our teachers and staff on Tuesday, May 25. Lunch will be provided from Smokey Mo’s BBQ. If you would like to participate, please use this link to sign up to bring beverages and desserts: May Teacher Appreciation.

Yearbook Delivery

Our yearbooks are being delivered and will be ready for distribution next Wednesday after the final exams. We always purchase a few extra for those that might have forgotten to order. They will be on sale beginning Monday, May 24 for $40. You may bring a check to the main office in building 3 to reserve your copy.


In case you missed it... we had a fantastic year in sports this year! In a year when many schools shut down their athletics department or restricted participation, we had more students involved in our programs than ever before! All in all, there were 191 students (92 high school and 99 middle school) on our teams, which comes out to more than 50 percent of our student body in grades 6 through 12. Seven of our twenty-four teams won state or league championships, and another five finished in the final four.

Here is the link to download the slideshow of our Year in Archers Sports from the Sports Award Ceremony:

A Year in Archers Sports

Please join us in congratulating Coach Utheim and Coach Parrella for their recognition as Coach of the Year for middle school and high school!

Thank you Volunteers!

We want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our school and teachers. We had to limit many of our volunteer jobs this year but you all still found ways to support our teachers and staff. We are grateful for your service!

Verify Contact Information

To ensure we have the correct information for mailing home report cards and other information throughout the summer, please take a moment to verify your contact information in Jupiter. You will find this information under “Settings”. Please update your information as needed.

2021-2022 School Supply Kits and Planner Order Form

It’s time to order your SchoolKidz supply kits for next school year!

  • Classroom kits are available for Kindergarten through 6th Grade only
  • The art supply kit for Kindergarten through 5th grade is sold separately
  • All students (K-12th) can choose to purchase the communal supplies from SchoolKidz as well.
  • For a complete list, go to our website at School Supplies.
  • To order your kit, go to:, Account number is 68440.

In addition to school supplies, each student in 2nd-12th grade is required to purchase a weekly planner for recording assignments and communication between teacher and parent. Families are welcome to purchase planners of their choice, provided they have at least two pages per week during the school year and plenty of space for students to write. We recommend that all students purchase the Founders Classical Academy of Leander planners directly from the school. Please complete the FCA Planner Order Form.

Deadline to order supply kits and planners is Friday, June 4.

Medication Pickups and Medical Action Plans for 2021-2022

If your student has medications or medical equipment stored in the nurse's office, please make arrangements with Nurse Turner to pick them up prior to the last day of school. Nurse Turner can be reached via email at or through Jupiter. Medications that have not been picked up will be disposed of through a local pharmacy on the last day of school. 

If you know that your student will need to keep medication on campus next year, please contact Nurse Turner to obtain the appropriate forms so that physician signatures can be obtained prior to the new school year. Forms that require a healthcare provider's signature include all medical action plans, all prescription medication administration authorizations and all authorizations to carry emergency medications (only applicable for epinephrine injectors, rescue inhalers, diabetic medications and seizure medications).

Verification of Enrollment Requests

VOE requests that are made during the last week of school are valid for the summer. Here is the link to request a VOE: Verification of Enrollment.

Withdrawing a Student & Transcript Request

We are always sad to see families leave, but we also understand that life happens and plans change. If your child will not be returning to Founders next year, please email Mrs. Cunningham as soon as possible to set up a time and date to sign the Official Withdrawal forms. Early notification is requested so that we may ensure all necessary documents are put together for you at your desired time frame. For your convenience, please use the Student Withdrawal Checklist to ensure the process is complete.

If your student requires a transcript, please complete the Transcript Request form and submit to the front office. Please note that final transcripts will not be made available until mid June.

Final Exam Schedules

Click on this link to download the schedule: 2021 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule (6th-11th)

2021 Visual Arts Showcase

Thank you for all of your submissions! Our Visual Arts Showcase is full of beautiful artwork from our Kindergarten students through the Seniors. Please download and enjoy this video presentation 2021 Visual Arts Showcase.

Proposed 2021-2022 School Calendar

This year, Responsive Education is allowing us to release the PROPOSED calendar for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Please understand that the calendar has not yet been approved by the Board, and therefore, is subject to change - including the start date. 

Inclement Weather Make-Up Days

We have received the final decision that we will not be required to make-up any of the days missed in either January or February due to inclement weather. Our official last day of school is Thursday, May 27 which is a full day of school. 

Volunteers Needed for Hallway Monitoring during STAAR Testing

Although the campus is closed during STAAR testing, we need a few approved volunteers to monitor the hallways during testing. Please sign up at

Reminder About Bullying

FCA Leander has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. Per the FCA Family Handbook, "Bullying is prohibited against any student or any teacher for any reason. Bullying includes repeated written or verbal expression, physical or electronic act or gesture, or a pattern thereof, that coerces, intimidates, or causes physical, mental, or emotional harm. Bullying is prohibited on school property, at school-sanctioned events, when students are being transported to or from school or a school-sanctioned event, and off-campus when it is reasonably foreseeable that the bullying conduct may cause substantial disruption in the educational mission of the school or interfere with the ability of other school students to learn or be secure." If interested, please click here to download Bullying Tips for Parents.

How to Use the Reporting Tool in Jupiter Ed

Every student has access to the Anonymous Hotline in their Jupiter account. We encourage students and parents to report harassment, unethical, and other inappropriate behavior that may impact our students or school. Messages are anonymous and are checked during school hours.

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